Thursday, August 18, 2016

2nd Gathering

Our little group of 2nd gathering,
Hello Kitty fans gathering had taken place at
Mini Mini Cafe,Mid Valley.

So...we had used this hashtag #hksgg 
for our group future posting photos to social media.

My 1st time here :)
And I brought along 2 Blythe dolls.

Our group photo. Must-have group photo.
We took a few but just upload the nicest here.
It is funny when all of my friends are long hair except me :P

Nice shot from my friend. 
I'm le President who giving out small gifts for the members.
I had bought the Hello kitty folding comb from Thailand McD
(which is now released in Malaysia too) and the mini hand fan
from Sanrio Hello Kitty House Bangkok.

All photos taken by the pretty babe, Elliana.
Natural photos of me hehe...
Taken when I was preparing my doll for 
photography session. 

Elliana & Eva had ordered picnic set,and when it arrived,
all of us were so busy taking photo of it.
My girls surely enjoyed themselves too.

I got these from them.
The handkerchief is from Ariel who bought it 
at Australia for us as souvenir, Hello Kitty mask
and the candy are from Sp Lim,the youngest among us.
While the phone lanyard got it from Eva.
I exchange my extra blue with her extra pink.

And now,they plan for the 3rd gathering.
Angel,my BFF in this group suggests Full House,
Sunway Pyramid. Maybe will gather in October.
That's my birthday month!! surprise gift?


That day,forgot which day. Pandora Malaysia organized a competition
which participator just need to upload a photo of their Pandora and 
write why you are a true Pandora fan. Can win the limited edition dangle charm
which is a gold Eiffel Tower. Oh my!! I knew I'm not that lucky because
I never win before in any contest. Anyway, now only I realised 
my Pandora charms is near to complete. Almost full :)

Bought this cute duck pyjamas from BKK
And we,me, my elder & youngest daughter bought the same design.
Except for my 2nd daughter. She bought a floral design,because she 
not very like yellow duck duck >.< Haha :P

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