Monday, August 15, 2016

Hello Kitty from Sanrio Hello Kitty House

So,here's the post about the Hello Kitty 
loots I got from Sanrio Hello Kitty House Bangkok.

I'm not a plushie collector,I only collect McD X Hello Kitty plushies.
But,this one surely couldn't miss!

It has 3 colours, pink,red & blue.
I chose pink and not buying all 3 because of I
didn't collect plush,hehe :P
And to save some money for other items instead.
Besides,plush consumes a lot of space to display it.

While this cute Hello Kitty mug is PWP (Purchase with Purchase)
Order food 1000Baht (if I'm not wrongly remembered)
and pay ....(I forgot how much) you will get this Hello Kitty mug.
The mini hand fan is a gift. I got 8,1 for mself and coincidently the extra 7 for my friends 
during Hello Kitty gathering. the way, 
our 2nd gathering was held on 23rd July at 
Mini Mini Cafe,Mid Valley Megamall.

By becoming a member of Sanrio Hello Kitty House Bangkok,
you will get this plate set for free. You just pay 2500 Baht 
to get the member card and you can spend 2500 Baht there.
So,no loss right! You get the cute member card,
and also the free plate set,and also spend it to buy Hello Kitty things.
Means no fee for the member card.

The FREE plate set :)

Hello Kitty mini mitt.
Super cute because it is in pink,and it is die-cut shape.

Used it already,very nice. 

Hello Kitty pot holder,in pink too!!
Haven't use this yet. Like...scare the face will melt because of heat..

Bought postcards due to don't have anything there that attracted me 
to get it. And I need to spend all 2500Baht because I won't go again 
in the near future,maybe in the next few years' time. Planning to travel another 
country instead. Therefore, I must spent all money. 

The back of the postcards. 

Also bought a Hello Kitty lunch box for my youngest daughter
to use it during school time to put her lunch. I forgot to take 
a photo of it but you can see it in my last post. It is in the photo
of all the Hello Kitty stuff that I grab from Sanrio Hello Kitty House Bangkok.

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