Tuesday, August 16, 2016

JULY happening

Last month,my schedule quite packed,hehe!!
And I like it because no boredom strike when
there was a lot of activities.

First,there was farewell party for my office head, Ms Lee.
We went to TakeZen Sushi had our lunch there.

#throwback to my lunch set for that day.

And then the Baskin Robbins cover arrived,and I made a 
matching wallpaper for my iphone.
Ahh...I'm such an iphone-addict.

And got myself a handbag & wallet to pamper myself.
Mr Hubby is so nice enough to sponsor me the handbag
when at first,I wanna bought it myself.
Thought to ask him sponsor me a Burberry instead,haha :P

And I heard my Kitty friends said Daiso Malaysia
now brought a few Hello kitty items in.
So,I went to Daiso at ECM,Kuantan during Malay Raya.

Just got these. These also I had before, Hello Kitty sponge holder,
Hello Kitty magnet clips. But bought them too. Can't resist.
The sponge holder to replace the old one,which was dirty & old.

At ECM before movie,we had coconut ice-cream.
Long queue...

Costs RM9.90 for one,but the taste is soooo yummy!!

Sudden plan! We went to Sg. Lembing on 3rd day of Malay Raya.
To eat their famous mountain water tofu & charcoal roast pork.
My mom went with us only because my dad & brother already 
back to work.

we went to explore the 3D art gallery too.
Not really worth to go in compare to the 3D art gallery in Penang 
or Malacca. The price a bit high,in my opinion, with only a few 3D art provide.

Holidays end and I back to work.
This pink monitor rack finally reached me.
Super match with my pink kitty keyboard,right!
If you want,can pre-order from me.
Oh,by the way,this is my workplace.
So pinky right!!

The Hello Kitty Go Around Malaysia DIY bling picture
finally is framed nicely and back to my home kitty home.
Thanks to Mr Hubby's friend for the clean white frame
and not forgotten Mr Hubby who responsible bringing it to frame.

I'm still thinking where to hang it. A month passed,and I still 
hadn't hang it up haha!!

Good food again! Haha!!
Thailand fried ice-cream.
Never try before even though is near.

I had ordered dragonfruit oreo flavour with green tea KitKat as add-on
for myself while my daughters had banana oreo with the same add-on
as mine & the other honeystar & chocolate as add-on. 
1 word: YUMMY! 

1 of my colleague,who is also my BFF, always share nice 
thing with me,ended up I spent again.
This crystal bracelet can buy from 

I chose this bracelet which has pink quartz, pink chalcedony,
clear quartz & blue chalcedony with a few decoration charms
and the dangling kimono charm.
I had always like kimono,so that's the one reason 
I choose this bracelet.

Pink quartz is known as master of love,have the effect of increasing popularity
contacts, bonding the love relationship between couple,
husband & wife,release irritable mood.

Pink chalcedony release mild and attractive pink light, 
can make people around like you,have a major impact towards harmony and personal connections in the office.Whether customers, between superiors, subordinates and colleagues, 
it can bring excellent auxiliary and improve effect of making human relationships
 more mellow, more buoyant popularity.

Blue Chalcedony increase communication and coordination, 
enhance creativity and wisdom, evil spirits defends.

Clear quartz helps in love and marriage, 
can also increase the chances of fall in love.
I'm not saying that I wear it to get chances to fall in love,
I'm loyal to Mr Hubby. And is there a prove,crystal really works?

Nice? I know so well how to treat myself nicer.
I bought for Mr Hubby too. Got his pair in a discounted price.
aL-ikhsan got 'Raya sales'. 
Mine doesn't have offer,but is fine. 
I like the design & the colour pink so much!
Thought should buy a good sport shoes since 
we are now often going jogging.

And we also participate in a 5km fun run which was held 
at Mentakab. Must join since it is near us.

1st photo taken with Mr Hubby's uncle's daughter.
She is a cute Form 5 girl. Likes to eat.
Very talkative girl. Non-stop talking hehe..

Finish the 5km fun run in 1 hour..
My 2nd 5km run.. 
This one full of excited,scary journey. 
Run through the train railway.When I looked down,
 I saw river & forest only.

My cousin also participated and coincidently,
she was just behind me when we were walking at the railway.
She surreptitiously took photo of me lol..
 And then we ran through rubber estate and vegetable farm!! 

2nd checkpoint.

We managed to finish and get the medal ❤️

I gotta stop now,and start to work.
I'm actually blogging in office haha!!
Recently after Malay Raya,I don't have work 
in office,over free and so,I took 
this opportunity to blog. 

I will continue about the 2nd Hello Kitty Small Group Gathering
in my next post. 

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