Sunday, August 28, 2016


Ever since I started using Iphone,
from Iphone 4 to Iphone 6 to Iphone 6+,
I had been collecting endless Iphone cases.

Endless cute stuff for myself too!
I super love this bottle silicone type cover. Huge but cute :)
The planner I just got for myself. Want a small planner now
so it can fit into my handbag and won't feel bulky.
So,the rules is: It must be PINK, it must be CUTE!

And...3 more new cases reached me this week.

Able to get myself #88lovelife book Vol.2 from MPH bookstore online.
Like...Finally! I had been looking for this book locally in Malaysia.
The author is an Indonesian. I like the illustration of the book, the drawings,
the writings, the quotes. Almost like everything about this book 
when it is in PINK,hehe!!

Cooked lunch for my daughters today after long time no cook.
Simple menu only. I'm not a talented chef. I learnt to cook
online by google search recipe. Today I cooked 
salted egg with lady fingers. First try,luckily not fail lol..

Normally cooking my daughters' favourite vegetables. 
I seldom cook meat at home because I am afraid to go 
'pasar' (market) to buy meat. Not me,Mr Hubby too.
We hate smelly smell. 2nd, I don't like handling meat. 

Later wanna go out Pokemon hunt with Mr Hubby ♥
Happy Weekend,friends :)

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