Tuesday, August 16, 2016

Hello Kitty from BKK

This post is all about the Hello Kitty stuff I got from 
7-11 Bangkok & Isetan Bangkok.

What I got from 7-11 BKK:

Hello Kitty mineral water which is so popular 
in my FB newsfeed. People selling it and kitty fans craze about it.
I got it for myself! So cute!!

Hello Kitty cup + plate + fork set.
The plate is also the cover for the cup. Face shape,somemore...
Super cute! It has 4 designs altogether, but when I was there,
left 2 designs only :( Can't make it a complete set.

I think I won't be using them. As a collection :)
They are now sitting on my display rack.

Hello Kitty Fiber Abrasive with Handle.
Kitchen use.

Original and in a reasonable price.
That's the reason why I like other's country 7-11.
They always have nice,special,cute Hello Kitty stuff.
Why Malaysia doesn't have all these!!

What I got from Isetan BKK:
My Melody cup with cover with straw.
Chose My Melody instead of Hello Kitty because Hello Kitty
one is in red and blue,not my favourite colour.

 I had a collection of all these cute mugs.
OMG! Should stop buying more.

Hello Kitty double-sided tape dispenser.
I thought it was correction tape,and so I bought it.
Wanted a Hello Kitty correction tape and had been looking high & low
over it,but when I back Malaysia,and as usual, photo-taking 
all my loots to share to social media,
only then I knew,it was NOT correction tape!

It is double-sided tape dispenser. The tape is transparent and 
very thin. Ok,is fine too because I might need this in the future.

Hello Kitty washi tape/paper tape. For my planner use.

Hello Kitty ballpoint pen & mini notebook set.
Bought this because of the pen! 

Still haven't start using it. I have no idea what to write,
and unwilling to use it. Too nice to jot something in it.

Hello Kitty bath towel. 
There is a lot of designs to choose from,and I had chosen this.
Soft colour (my favourite).

Hello Kitty Run badge from a Isetan staff.
He gave 1 for my youngest daughter and 1 for me.
Little gift,big smile :)

Hello Kitty table cloth from a stall in front of 
Platinum Fashion Mall. This lady was selling various designs 
of table cloth and I noticed this Hello Kitty designs. 
Not original but can buy because the Hello Kitty looks not fake,right!!

Hello Kitty X Marilyn Monroe figurine keychain
from Asiatique,Bangkok. There is a shop in Asiatique selling Hello Kitty
stuff. So many Hello Kitty stuff inside but I just interested with this. 
Haha...fussy type customer I am.

Bought a perfume(not Hello Kitty brand haha!!)
at KLIA2 airport. Duty free,can buy.
Besides,my perfume gonna finish soon.

Should be perfume of the month of June.
Time flies too fast,now is August. 
I just finish all the post about my BKK trip.

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