Tuesday, January 19, 2010

bAby miLk bOttle

Hello,all my friends.How are all of you today?i am superly in the pink of healthPhotobucket.Happily Photobucketonline-ing at my shop at Temerloh.As you all know,i like cutey things surrounding me.CutePhotobucket stuff Photobucket cute friends too.

PhotobucketThis is Photobucketcontact lens kit.

Opens at the side.i am a daily contact lens user.That means i never wear spectakles when i am stepping out of my Photobucket.But,before this,i do not have any contact lens kit because i am using Lens2 automated contact lens cleaner.It is quite convenient.Just put the contact lens into both side of the basket,which will put into the case Photobucket fill in the Multi Purpose Solution.Then,press the Start button.It will clean the contact lens itself.More hygiene,no eyes infection but will need to change the case every 3 month.
Maybe i will use thisPhotobucket contact lens kit when i am Photobuckettravelling.i am wondering Photobucketagain why Lens2 not making aPhotobucket automated contact lens cleanerPhotobucketPhotobucket

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