Sunday, January 17, 2010

heLLo kiTTy bolster

Chinese New Year is coming soon.Everyone especially the Chineses are busy buying New Year ornaments,clothes,bags Photobucket shoesPhotobucket.i am busy,but busy serving customers at shop,Photobucket busy online-ing.PhotobucketFor my daughters,i had already kept some new clothes which i bought took from my boutique.Sometimes,i think..i am bored.Super duper bored as i seldom Photobucket at other fashion shop.


Actually,i had another Photobucketbolster which is about the same size.The different is at the ribbon.The other is not ribbon but strawberry at head.

i Photobucketsnap closer and you can see there is Photobucketwords sew.ha-ha...looksPhotobucket like had tatoo.i put this bolster beside me at my bed.Therefore,if i sleep soundly,i won't fall down
Photobucketi am a bit roughPhotobucket.That's why,my big big bed not only being slept by me Photobucket my hubby,there is also a lot ofPhotobucket bolster Photobucket pillow Photobucketaccompany us.Photobucket

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