Wednesday, January 27, 2010

heLLo kiTTy again...?

PhotobucketWow...Yesterday's topic really catch a lot of people's attentionPhotobucket.Some leave message at my facebook account,some emailed me while some who are close with me,sms me asking about the Photobucketcondom.

It is a simple Photobucketpouch.
Where you can put anything in it.i thought of putting all the remote controls in it.So,easier to find the remote control.It is really small in size.You can't put newspaper in it.PhotobucketDon't it look like the newspaper rackPhotobucketPhotobucketAbout this Photobucketpouch,my shop,bubbles got sold this.Therefore,anyone interested,quickly grab yours now before it is OOS.You can also do a little Photobucketat my online store.Just click into the word bubbles.Ok,that's for today.Even though now isn't nite time,but i am so Photobucketsleepy.Wanna go take a napPhotobucket...ByePhotobucketPhotobucket

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