Monday, January 11, 2010

heLLo kiTTy car set

Hello,everybody.Today i can spend all day here at my blog.Damn miss my blog,miss my life as a full-time blogger.(Ha-ha)If my hubby ever got the chance to hear this,he sure fire me.That day,promise to share here PhotobucketSanrio licensed car set,right??

This Photobucketset has 8 items altogether.

There are headrest,tissue box cover,safety belt cover,gear cover,handbrake cover,mirror cover,handphone pouch & CD holder.Below are pictures after i unpackage the items.

Photobucketis actually in a pinky dress with ballerina shoes.Really looks sweet.There is 1 more car accessories which i haven't got it.It is stereng cover.So,now looking for the same design for stereng cover.Anyone who is interested in purchasing this car set,can leave comment at my cbox.As i had took another set for sale.Total up 8 items are RM300 something.Ok,now my car looks almost perfect..PhotobucketHihi...~

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