Sunday, January 24, 2010


As usual,Saturday is my busiest day.With loads of works at shops.People mostly relaxing or Photobucket on Saturdays but not for me.People Photobucketshops,i workPhotobucket.
Photobucket,gotta start my today's story.

Just a simple Photobucket PhotobucketDon't Kiss mePhotobucket Photobucket sticker.Bought it at kitty store
This store sells mostly kitchen utensils,which i will not buy but in the future,maybe will buy it & keep it as a collections.i never Photobucketcook,oOps!Should not say never as i actually do not KNOW how to Photobucket.Since i am a teenager,i never Photobucket,dislikePhotobucketing and mummy never ask me to learn how to Photobucket.Am i luckyPhotobuckethaha..Photobucket My hubby isn't lucky as he married a wife who do not do household chores.

This is from my shop.Simple sign which you can suck it at any mirror or window or glass pane.i chose PhotobucketI'M HAPPYPhotobucket in pink,my favourite colour.So,now,both side of my Photobucket back screen have signs.Do not have any meaning by putting both side signs.

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