Tuesday, January 12, 2010

heLLo kiTTy lipbalm

Today is also my free day.After tidying all my branch's purchase Photobucket invoice expenses bill,i took a little bit time to come here,myPhotobucket.Tomorrow will be another busy day.i had meeting with some suppliers.PhotobucketOh my my,sounding like a corporate women lolPhotobucket

So,this is Photobucket lipbalm.i think is in raspberry flavour because it is all written in Japanese word.i do not understand oO..hihi^^Photobucket
There are a few different flavour,but i took this because it is pink,myPhotobucketfavourite colour.Frankly speaking,it had been such a long time i didn't do Photobucket.Except some trip to Guardian buyingPhotobucket beauty products.You know what,my place forPhotobucket now all are at the suppliers.Including buying my most heart items,that is clothes.i am starting collecting now for my Chinese New Year clothes Photobucket shoesPhotobucket.i am wondering if next time i am interested in other things,will my hubby opens a shop selling that things which i like??!hihiPhotobucket

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