Friday, January 15, 2010

heLLo kiTTy hair dryer

back to my PhotobucketMy life starting to back to normal after busyness strike me.i am now relaxing at my Photobucket sweet Photobucket with my hubbyPhotobucket my cute daughters.i am in front my cuteyPhotobucket while my hubby is doing the household chores.(What a lazy wifeyPhotobucketPhotobucket)Photobucket

Owh...Photobucketthis isPhotobuckethair dryer.

Last time,when i went to PhotobucketChina,i got saw 1 but so nice.This a lot nicer Photobucketcuter.Photobucketbigger too.The most important,it is in .i seldom use hair dryer.Normally will just let my wet hair dry naturally.Therefore,keep it at my Photobucketcollection corner.That's for today...PhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Photobucketwanna give special thanks to 1 of my loyal reader,i got to know as she emailed me, who continuously reading my blog.Photobucket


Kata Wagner Berg said...

Cutest blog I ever seen! Where are u from? Wich city?
Have a great Saturday!

s u e ty i said...

haha...thanks for the compliment!i am from Malaysia.Chinese.You too!!Have a great weekend.

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