Tuesday, January 26, 2010


Today's title is very interestingPhotobucket.Ha-ha...18sx lol..But,actually,isn't it normal?Everyone gotta use this sooner or later.

Photobucketcondom handphone charm.Oh my!Comes with a box too.Cutey rite?

There are many designs for these handphone charms.Surely,i take Photobucket.My favourite character.You can hang it at your handphone or keys.

This is the back view.Photobucket
Which hasPhotobucket face and a little bit transparent.Wow~Photobucketcan see there is a condom in it.My sis once opened itPhotobucketbut not design lahPhotobucket and took the condom out to see is it real or fake.Yup,for sure,REAL!But,i think none will really use it.As dirty??PhotobucketHehe...If really in emergency,and can't find one,maybe somebody out there really will use it.

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