Saturday, January 30, 2010

heLLo kiTTy magical wand


Photobucketmagical wand is the name i gave itPhotobucket.Actually,this is a Photobucket from my eldest daughter,Daychelle.She is such a cute little girl.She brought this Photobucketmagical wand back to home last last week.It is a gift from her grandpa(father's side).She likes Photobucket too,just like her mummy.While my younger daughter,Jaychelle chose Photobucket.When i saw it,i Hk happylike it so so much.i asked her to Photobucketgive me as a present.She didn't answer me,just a smile.i thought that time,maybe she didn't understandPhotobucket or she heart it so much that she couldn't give me.
But,unexpectedly,when she met her grandpa,she asked her grandpa to buy another one because she want to give to her mummy as Photobucket.At last,she took it back home for mePhotobucket.

There are 2 buttons on thisPhotobucket magical musical wand.One is for controlling the music while the other is for the colourful light.Picture Photobuckettaken when i had press the light button.Even though it is a little kid's toys,but i like it so much,and appreciate it as it is sincerely from my daughter.She do not have money but she can think of asking her grandpa to buy it for her so that she can give her mummy as a Photobucket.

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