Thursday, January 14, 2010

heLLo kiTTy piLLow

PhotobucketHello,my friends.Today,gonna make it short.Cut all the crap and straight to the pointPhotobucket.i wanna share with all of you about this,Photobucketpillow.Oh,my my....PhotobucketShe is really cute!i had Photobucketuploaded this picture at junkies,& some of the junkies there,commented,"She is so cUUUtePhotobucket"

If you touch her,she gave you a soft and tranquility feeling.Its skin(i mean the fabric) is really soft to the touch.Made of quite good qualityPhotobucket.Every night,Photobucketi am hugging her and really,i can Photobucketso soundly.Since i was a Photobucketkid,Photobucket Photobucket hugging pillow doll when sleeping.So,gonna change the PhotobucketoldPhotobucket Photobucketpillow.But,i will put the old to my Photobucketcollection corner.

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