Thursday, January 28, 2010

Live Life to the fuLLest

My latest facebook status,Rejoice while you are alive,enjoy the day,live life to the fullestPhotobucket,make the most of what you have.It is later than you think.Don't always think can't this,can't that.We won't know what will happen tomorrowPhotobucket.Why i am saying such a quote?It is because i known someonePhotobucketidentity confidentialPhotobucket who,i think,if i am living as her,i will rather die.We work hard everyday.Once in a while,we buy something to reward ourself.Not wrong,right?i think something like this proverb,"All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."She is that kind of person.Always control ownself.Isn't it making your life boring and dull?PhotobucketPhotobucket

Not asking her to shop everyday,wasting money here & day.If she lives my life,i think,she can't stand it at all.i go Photobucket almost everyday.My most enjoying time isPhotobucket time.Even when i am down,doing a lil' Photobucket spree will boost up my moodPhotobucket.Especially buying clothes,shoes & bagsPhotobucket.Or doing somePhotobucket groceries shopping.

Or sometimes snapping ownself.Posing in front Photobucketmirror.

Acting cutePhotobucket or maybe idiot,you named it.

i am 26 this year lol,with 2 daughters.But,still like a big kid to my hubby.i don't care what others think about me,what others gossips or saying bad things about me.As i will think they just jealous that you live such a great life.Some people i meet will stop carry on with their style once others disagree with them.But,not me.We live for ourselves.Why care so much what others babbling there?Remember,just be your most comfortable selfPhotobucket


fATIN A.K.A momoe said...

miss cuet yi so cute in pink
wanna b as cute tis too
n cute hp maaa...........

s u e ty i said...

haha...i know you can de.ganbateh,gurl!
Not miss anymore lol,mrs lol,hihi^^

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