Wednesday, February 3, 2010

heLLo kiTTy lil' gift

Do you miss mePhotobuckethahaPhotobucket~~Actually i hadn't been to other places,i am not so busy.But just lazyness came find me last few days.Until i didn't have the eagerness to post this lil' Photobucketgift from 1 of my shop's supplier.She is the same person,May.So nice of her.Whenever she saw Photobucketstuff,it reminds her of me.Therefore,she will bought for me from Photobucketoverseas.i had actually received Photobucketcan sayPhotobucketlots of Photobucketpresents from her.

It is aPhotobucket laptop case.
This laptop case,i had seen before.At ebay and most of the online store selling Photobucketproducts.i didn't buy as my laptop was too big.Unfortunately,thePhotobucket laptop case that she gave me is the same as the one that was sold online.So,just keep it as collection lol.

The most interesting part about thisPhotobucket laptop case is at the back of it,it has 3 compartment.The biggest is for you to put your laptop's AC adapter,while the medium for keeping mouse and last but not least,the smallest for keeping pendrive.Isn't it will look tidier Photobucket neater like this??!

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