Saturday, June 5, 2010


i believe with "expect the unexpected".Everyday,we will encounter something that we didn't expect it will happened.We do not know or have no idea what awaits us.Just like today.After fetching my worker to my Mentakab branch,i went back to Temerloh.As i had an appoinment with a salesman.
On the way back to my shop,just a few metres in front of my shop,i saw a girl wearing kimono,Japanese traditional costume.i thought she is a local people too,who dressed up for some event.
After parked my cutie car,i went into my .i noticed the same girl in my .She was having shopping spree.Quite a lot that she grabbed.Then,i asked my sister to ask her whether she is local or Japanese when she reached the cashier counter.Long story made short,she is a Japanese girl who,according to her,came here to attend a friend's wedding dinner party.

Okay,i do not want to miss out the chance to snap snap with her.i had always admire Japanese girl,Japan culture and especially their traditional costume,KIMONO.So cutie her small little pouch.She is so pretty,isn't she??So fair her skin compare to me.
But,i am fair too....

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