Sunday, June 27, 2010

cheque bOOk

Good morning to my super cute friends...!Rise early in the morning.That's not like me.i am like a piggy.Likes to zzZzzPhotobucket most of my times.Doing nothing,super lazy lady.
i managed to steal a bit of my time to update my cutie Photobucket here.Busy with new stocks arrival.For my boutique at Mentakab.And also creating a new bloggie for Korea,Japan & Taiwan imported clothing line,sandals & heels,tote bags & etc.Can you support bubbles lil' fashion store?Hehe... to have a look.Maybe there will be a piece or two that attract you.Photobucket,i have to back to our story.
Photobucket'cheque book like' memo padPhotobucket.
Which Waznah dear helped me buy when she was in SingaporePhotobucket.
i got asked her to help me buy the set of Photobucket travelling charm,but unfortunately,
SOLD OUTPhotobucket
She posted this to me along with my ordered sexy lingerie.PhotobucketDon't let the guys know.i am shy,ok??Photobucket

The Photobucket memo pad looks like this.PhotobucketPhotobucket pleasePhotobucket

This is one of the pages.

While this,one of the pages too.There is a dotted line where we can pull the pages out,exactly like a cheque book.So,who want $$?
i write at this cutie Photobucket cheque and post out to you.Photobucket

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