Sunday, June 20, 2010

harajuku lovers

Just after steamboat-ing with my in-law family.Wow...such a wonderful and happy time.Celebrate Papa's day for pa-in-lawPhotobucket.i got celebrate with my own Photobucket too.Yesterday,went back Kuantan celebrate papa's day with my Photobucket.Then,picked up both my daughters back to home.School holiday,they asked for permission to be at their grandma & grandpa.

So,the story like this.Should be my hubby who get Photobucket but oppositely,he giftedPhotobucket me these~

Gwen Stefani's Harajuku Lovers perfume dolls.
Mama's Day i got Photobucket from him.Not counting birthday & wedding anniversary.And now,Papa's Day.Photobucket for me too??!i am really grateful,not only i had 2 best PhotobucketpapaPhotobucket in the world,but also a near to perfect fatty hubby.PhotobucketHehe...

This is LOVE.

This is Lil' Angel.

And this is Music.

While this is Baby.i Photobucket her bumpy hair.
Cutie is the only word i can use to describe her.

And this is G,is the doll represent Gwen Stefani.
i had little knowledge about perfume.i admit it.i seldom never put on any perfume.But,i know the LOVE,ANGEL,MUSIC and BABY actually will make up L.A.M.B if you put the first alphabet of each word together.Which is Gwen Stefani fashion label.
Anyway,i like the perfume dolls berry muchie.They have their own style,which i really admire most.i am so excited and hard to spell out my feeling now.i didn't expect my hubby will ask his friend's at KL to help buy them for me.i saw 'them' in CLEO magazine and told my hubby about them last last last week.And he is so sweet.Photobucket You all know ady right??Photobucketi once lived an unhappy life.Seemed like everyone is my enemy.Thought that everyone hated me.But,now i am happy.As i found the Photobucket to the happiness doorPhotobucket.And also to Photobucketenjoy each moment.Thanks God for all the things You gave me.No matter it is GOOD or BAD,i will accept them.

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