Wednesday, June 16, 2010


i like the time when i am browsing around Guardian or Watsons.Photobucket for my daily essentials.For my face skincare products,normally i will go Parkson.Huhu...Guardian and Watsons no available. i like Photobucket for other skincare products beside Photobucket stuff.Recently,i just bought this.

NH colla-plus.5000mg collagen beauty drink formula.

i like its packaging.After finish consume,the box can used to put anything i like.Back to our topic.According to the flyer included,after the age 25Photobucketwhen ageing beginsPhotobucket,the synthesis rate of collagen in our skin will decreases significantly.Added to that,we constantly face overwhelming stress,inadequate sleep,an unhealthy diet,UV ray exposure and environmental pollution.Right??To make the story short,all these are bad and harmful to our skin.
Therefore,it is crucial that we consume adequate amounts of collagen to maintain the youth of our skin and delay the ageing process.

7 beauty effects of NH colla-plus.
So,i need to consume this as i am 26 this year.And i want pretty pretty fair smooth skin.
It is instructed to consume 1 bottle daily for Day 1 to Day 6.After that,Day 7 and onwards,consume one bottle every alternate day.And if you keep it on until after 3 months,consume one bottle every three days.As it contains 5000mg of marine collagen which is sufficient to meet the collagen needs of our body for 2 days.
Suitable for those who work in air-conditioned rooms,those with sluggish skin metabolism,post-delivery and lactating mothers,stressed individuals,people who sleep late and those with unhealthy diet or those who suffer fro wrinkles,sagging dry skin,dull complexion and othe ageing skin problems.Guardian now doing promotion.Value pack 16 bottles just cost you PhotobucketRM167Photobucket.Go grab yours if you want fair smooth skin. ^^v

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