Friday, June 4, 2010

deco deco

Till today,i am still eagerly playing happily with my pinky NDSL.No regret buying it.
i also bought from ebay,Photobucket deco sticker specially for NDSL.It is easy to bought there.You just need to type hello kitty NDSL sticker at the search bar.And all they came out,for you to choose from a wide variety of designs.

This actually my first bought PhotobucketNDSL sticker.
It arrived and made me unhappy..=[
The Photobucket sticker,which is a set of 4,to be sticked to both the front and back and also both part inside.All the sticker not in good condition.There is part folded and dents.Hate it....

This is the back part.i snapped piccy to share with you.
The design is really kawaii geh...

This is the inside.Simple in pink!
But,i can't stand the unperfect of the Photobucket sticker.
So,i decided to buy another in ebay with another seller.
Not this seller anymore.i had lost trust with this seller.
i had leave some feedback for this seller.Photobucket
Bad of me...But i am just speaking the truth.RightPhotobucket

So,this is my Photobucketly Photobucket NDSL sticker.

This is the back.
The sticker fits nicely.Not like the old one.PhotobucketPurrr-fect...

And this is the inside.
Cutie neh....=]
i also add a bit 3D Photobucket sticker on it.
Now will be more fun in playing time.
That's another Photobucket game besides Hello Kitty Big City Dreams that i managed to find online.
Hello Kitty Party,is its name.
BubyePhotobucketPhotobucket....gotta continue NDSL-ing...^.^vPhotobucket

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