Tuesday, June 22, 2010

rAin rAin where R u??

Exhausted!Just reach home after fetching my daughter to piano lessonPhotobucket.And also finding art classes for my another daughter.Then,after that,brought my Daychelle to meet Mr. Dentist.Pull out her loose tooth for the 3rd time.Even though i wasn't the onePhotobucket who

Photobucket umbrella.With handle.
Which i had search everywhere but failed.
Normally the sellers sell the Photobucket mini umbrella.
The one without handle.
Where to get this??At bubbles.
Needless to say,i had grabbed one for myself.
i can't imagine what will happen to my hubby's pocket if he isn't doing gift shop business.
Addicted to Photobucket is an expensive addiction,i Photobucketadmit.
But,i Photobucket Photobucketlike this feelingas a Photobucket.

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