Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Tissue oH Tissue

Good morning.What a bright Photobucketsunny day again.Then,till the night coming,rainingPhotobucket.i actually dislike raining.Dislike too sunny dayPhotobucket too.As the latter made me sweat while the first made me wet.=='''
i am so bored at my own shop.My sis holiday.For 4 days,wtf...So enjoyablePhotobucket
While i am here,in my shop,in front of my cutie lappy,blogging about thisPhotobucket

Photobucket Tissue by Premier.
Photobucket in a pack.
It is actually the normal Premier tissue which only the box
printed with Photobucketimage.
Hey,i wanna say that many Photobucket junkies didn't know about this.
After i uploaded first this Photobucketpiccy at my facebook,they asked where to get this.
i had seen this before at 1 of my papa's friend's car.Ask where he got it,he said at KL.
i checked here several times at The Store,the only 'shopping mall' at Temerloh,not yet arrive.
Lastly,it did arrived,not disappointing me.



Black black de.Which i am not that favour.

Green.The colour that made me think about RECYCLE.
Loving our earth.
i will buy it no matter it is just a tissue box if it is Photobucket. As Photobucket
i wanna continue my Photobucketreading LOL...Reader's Digest,CLEO,and many more.

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