Monday, June 21, 2010

beaUtify my f0ne

cute lil' ....greets you.i am greatly happy today.(But aren't i happy everyday??) This is because i always think no matter you are sad or happy,you still have to lead this life.Right??So why wanna make ourself suffer.Be happy.i can be happy even because of small matter.Recently i received an e-mail from a loyal reader of my Photobucket.She just started viewing my Photobucket and started to like my Photobucket...Photobucketshy*shyPhotobucket i never imagined what i share here in my Photobucket will attract others.And there is REALLY others who view my

OkPhotobucket.Don't worry.Be happy. This Photobucket chocolate like handphone charm,my shop got sell.Cheap cheap and smell nice too.Choco & latte flavour.Looks like chocolate,smells exactly choco.i had hang the dark brown to my .Because the dark brown lets out choco flavour.That made my fatty hubby wants to eat chocolate.i won't because frankly speaking,i dislike chocolate.Weirdo,right??Most people especially girls like chocolate but not me.>.<

This is another of my D.I.M project.Which i had used my sis Photobucket,AINO.
Hey,this screen protector really special.My brother bought it for me.
When it isn't light,it is a mirror,which you can mirror yourself.

The back of AINO.It is actually from my Samsung Omnia.
i had to peel the deco sticker from Samsung and stick it back to AINO as my hubby will use the Samsung Photobucket.He does not want to use Photobucketblink blinkPhotobucket Photobucket.
That's all for today.Actually quite busy.After updated my bubbles blog,i had been busy for the last few hours.Satisfied as quite lots order.Stocks are really limited.Some even OOS.Therefore,hurry up,my dearies friend.BubyePhotobucket

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