Thursday, June 3, 2010

Book Cover

Today i managed to steal a little bit of my 'fully booked time' to drop by my lovely kittyi cutie Photobucket to update a bitPhotobucketPhotobucketFully Booked wor..whereas all the time not fully booked by appointments,fully booked by my own worksPhotobucketPhotobucket
Then,school holidays coming soon.Next week.Kinda busy tooPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketAs fatty hubby planning to bring us to Genting Highlands.Our second time family exploringPhotobucket GentingPhotobucketMy
PhotobucketmummyPhotobucket also got goPhotobucket
So,i won't be around herePhotobucketPhotobucketEarly goodbye wishesPhotobucketPhotobucket

i am so happy when i got this yesterdayPhotobucket
It is fabric paperback book coverPhotobucket
i got it at ebay,click to fly to the sellerPhotobucketIt is handmade according to the sellerPhotobucketThere is only a design for PhotobucketToo bad,no choicePhotobucketBut for others,other than junkies,if you need a book coverPhotobucket,you can purchase therePhotobucket

This is the inside viewPhotobucket Photobucket Which is all in black,which i hatePhotobucket
There are several sizes for you to choosePhotobucketi had pick the hardcover small sizePhotobucketWhich in my opinion,fits mostly of my read novels or booksPhotobucketTherefore,reading time now will be funPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketand neatPhotobucketNo more folded at the corner of the bookPhotobucket

You can choose whether you want the Photobucket book cover with handlesPhotobucketi had choose with handlesPhotobucketEasy to bringPhotobucketThere is a bookmark attachedPhotobucketTherefore,no need to put your own bookmarkPhotobucketi always can't find my bookmark whenever i need themPhotobucketAnd a weird habit i have,i hate to fold the pages as a mark to my readingPhotobucketSo,now the small matter solvedPhotobucketPhotobucket

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