Thursday, May 27, 2010


Facebook status for today:~ No mood~~@.@ Photobucket
There is a few of my friends concern about me.Asked what had happened?Thanks to them.i am touched.Really.
Actually nothing bad happened.It is just that i feel the world is unsafe.i do not have even a tiny bit of secure feeling to the world.Besides,economy is bad.Not much money in people's hands,therefore,spending power is becoming less & less.That's of course affecting me.
Business really drop to a very serious level.Can anyone tell me,is it that really no money??
Why suddenly like this?? @.@
i am the kind of person who will worry for only a while.Actually,that is good.Even though we worry much,the problem is still there.It won't go away.The solutionPhotobucket to the problem is to think a solution to solve it.However,my hubby is the one i worry the most.He is the one with stress.He is my financial supporter.That's why i really hope everything will be Photobucketsoon.Our business will be great soon,like before.Then i can kept on grabbing more & more stuff to share with all of you,my dearies lovelies friends.
Let's stop talking about the worries.Let's start talk about happies.

A plushie?A pillow?
No to all the above.
This is actually a plushie but hammer like which will
let out a child's laughter when it is being hit.

The most special part about this item is it had a zip open to the place of the battery.Most of this items which is in other cartoon character doesn't have this.Therefore,when it is low or out of battery,you can't change the battery.And that's it.Game over.But,mine can change the battery.
So,whenever i am in bad mood,no mood or whatever mood that is unhappy,just hit it.Hit it again and again to listen to the laughter.
Sure bad mood=> good mood=> happy.
One of the useful items to make you happy,cheerful back.

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