Sunday, February 28, 2010

sticky meMo pad

i bought this Photobucketsticky memo pad Photobucket2 different designsPhotobucketalong with the Photobucketcar anthenna knob.i don't want to use these,as a collection because it is too wasted if drop some ink on it.PhotobucketNooooooPhotobucket...But,i have use a few to write some greetings to Julia & Otata recently.PhotobucketJust 2 pieces,still got a lot,Photobuckethehe~.~Photobucket

i do not know which is the cutest designs,so grab both.If exxy,then i can't grab both lol.Each costs RMPhotobucket. PhotobucketPhotobucket only.i like the face sticky memo pad the most.

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