Friday, February 5, 2010

heLLo kiTTy thermos

A short post for todayPhotobucket As i am excited to enjoy the items that i had ordered onlinePhotobucketWhich all reached on yesterday Photobucket todayPhotobucket


My shop sold thisPhotobucketBut,mostly at my Kuantan branchPhotobucketSuddenly,i had the urge to take one for myselfPhotobucketMaybe i can use it to keep hot water for my daughters' milk when we are having Photobucket spreePhotobucketPhotobucketThey still having their milk till nowPhotobucketi wanna let them to drink their milk at least till they reach Standard SixPhotobucketGood for their health & the development of their brainPhotobucketi want them to be cleverPhotobuckethehePhotobucket!!Okiey,gotta go now...See you tomorrow!Bye....

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