Saturday, February 20, 2010

heLLo kiTTy goooodies......


i want to share this with you allPhotobucketIt is Photobucket3D optical mousePhotobucketMy shop,bubbles got sold thisPhotobucket

When it is connected to your computerPhotobucket,or laptop,there is light oOPhotobucketPhotobucketi already had aPhotobucket face optical mouse,that is cuterPhotobucketBut,i realised the Photobucketface optical mouse is getting dirtierPhotobucketi felt hurt,therefore decided to take this to replace thatPhotobucketi wanna kept that at my pink display rack tooPhotobucketDon't want it to get dirtyPhotobucketi will use that when i am outdoor online-ingPhotobucketAt Oldtown,maybePhotobucketPhotobuckethehePhotobucket!!

i like collecting PhotobucketstationeryPhotobucket
This is my another Photobucketstationery setPhotobucketWhich consists of a pen Photobucket a pencil Photobucket a notebookPhotobucketBoth the pen Photobucket pencil can be used as handphone charmPhotobucket

There is also an eraser in PhotobucketshapePhotobucketPink colour tooPhotobucket
Actually today's goodies not so rare Photobucket hard to findPhotobucketJust that i wanna share with all my lovely online friends herePhotobucketPhotobucketMaybe some are interestedPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

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