Monday, February 8, 2010

cheap cheap de...

Hello,everybody.Recently very hot,right?Mr. PhotobucketSun kept on going out.i really damn need this,Photobucket.
Today's topic will be my little queen,Photobucket.That day,i search at found this.

Photobucket riding on horse unicorn plushies.
As told by my title,it is really cheap cheap de.That's why,without considering,i bought it.Without telling my hubby too.i just ask him for money.It costs me RM10 only.Please don't misunderstood.It is brand new,ok?Not secondhand.

i will later wrap it nicely with Photobuckethamper paperPhotobucket.And keep it safely and soundly at my collection rack.You too can try search at for more cheap cheapPhotobucket goodies.Good Luck!

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