Saturday, February 6, 2010


Yesterday,i was so diligent.Diligent in Photobuckettidying my room.You know,i found this pink car shape hangbag.That's the reward for being diligentPhotobucket.i almost forgot that i had such a unique handbag.

i bought this during my trip to China.
That day is the last day i was there with my hubby.And we were having our Photobucket spree.My hubby noticed this rare handbag,and asked me whether want it.i,for sure,will not reject.As my hubby bought for me mah..Photobucket.Everyone likes Photobucket,right?

Luckily it is in pink,which is the colour i heart most.It has car number plate wor...Mina0168Photobucket.Double zip.But,it is small in size.This bag can put only a wallet,a handphone and some tiny little things.Hehe!!Whenever i brought it out,people will kept on watching,noticing me my this car shape handbag.

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