Saturday, February 27, 2010

heLLo kiTTy knob knob~~

i wanted to share with you this can say,special items.It is Photobucketcar anthenna knob.i had ask the seller whether got pink but bad news.This Photobucketitems is in red only.Red makes me think of Abby.

Above picture is after i had installed the Photobucketanthenna knob to my cutey lil' Photobucketcar.
i pull the anthenna down so that i can snap a piccy of it.

You see,so cute when it is up there.

More far away piccy of it.i had edit this piccy where i made a circle at the Photobucketanthenna knob.So tiny up there.If it in pink colour,then it is perfect lol..But,never mind lah.As long as it is Photobucketbranded,i take it.My front car Photobucketnumber plate also contains red colour lol...Whenever i or my hubby or my sis speed,i will afraid that the Photobucketknob will come out.But,deep in my heart,i know it won't.i wanna decorate my car step by step,so that the outcome will be a cute girlyPhotobucketcar.

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