Wednesday, February 10, 2010

cute stuFF what i can spit out now.Yesterday,i went for my Photobucket tripPhotobucket.Of course with my hubbyPhotobucket.Photobucket i see this cute stuff.It is a pink plushie with a big ribbon organizer.Which cost a lot too for a book,it costs RM200 something,which i very regret now,that i didn't buy at that time.Now,for the last 24 hours,i kept on thinking about it.Oh my!My mind is full with this cute pink organizer only.But,let's take my mind off that for a while.

This These are Photobucketin bear costume toothbrush holders.Which is a set.Pink & blue.
Of course another 1 is for my hubby's.Beside the 2 toothbrush holders,the 1 holding a black brush is also aPhotobucket toothbrush holder.But,now i use it to hold my facial brush.The newPhotobucket toothbrush holders can cover the toothbrush,which will be more hygiene.

Photobucket this is Photobuckettoilet tissue roll holder.
Isn't it cute?These 2 cute Photobucketstuff i bought online at a Singapore online store.Just click here for a look.Ok,myPhotobucket stuff increasing from day to month Photobucket to year.Haha~Photobucket
i am now thinking about the cute pink organizer again.Huhu...PhotobucketIf i got take picture of it,sure will let you all see.You all sure will agree with me its cuteness!Huhu~Photobucket~

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