Friday, February 12, 2010

Happy Chinese New Year

Ok.Everyone busy preparing and buying goodies for the coming Chinese New Year.Me too.But Photobucket forPhotobucket goodies.PhotobucketNew clothes,shoes,jewelleries,i had bought took from my shops.Groceries,i just grab a bit as during CNY,we are at shop.Not all the time at Photobucket.
Huhu~~people holiday but i need to workPhotobucketspeaking like i am going to work like a labour pulakPhotobucket.Anyway,i feel satisfied and contented with my now life.Even though need to work during holidays,but that's my interest.i likePhotobucket seeing cute & novelties items in my shops.

i am married,so for Chinese,people who already married will give angpaoPhotobucketred packetPhotobucketto the one haven't get married.i had boughtPhotobucket red packetsPhotobucket at suppliers to give to little children or relatives or friends.They sure will happy to see such cute red packets.i do not want to use the old classic red packets.Even when i reach my 40's,50's or even 60's,i will still usePhotobucket branded red packets.

Which i put together with my Photobucketkey.

While this Photobucketsitting on a strawberry keychain,
i put along with my Photobucketkey.For these 2 Photobucketkeychains,it came along in a packet with others cartoon characters.Therefore,i can't put it in my online shop blog as i had took thePhotobucket.
More cuteyPhotobucket goodies.See you tomorrow!& suet yi wishes all of her blog readers will have a prosperous Happy Chinese New YearPhotobucket.


Anonymous said...

Happy Chinese new year sweetie.. i lova all your Hello Kitty stuff x

s u e ty i said...

Thanks for the wishes...eskimoprincessx..hehe
& nice to meet U oO...

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