Wednesday, February 24, 2010

heLLo kiTTy decO for hp~

i had done this long time ago.But,haven't post it herePhotobucket to share with all my lovely friends.In my free time,i will did some deco to my PhotobuckethandphonesPhotobucket.They will be my DIY victimPhotobucket.For the time being,my LG ice-cream is the victim.

i put a big pink ribbon at the front part of my Photobucket along with a cute PhotobucketKitty-chanPhotobucket in kimono hugging a rabbit.Can you see at the above picture?So tiny rabbit.That's also a transparent sticker which i stick to protect my Photobucket from scratch.

Wo~Hoo.Sanrio PhotobucketheLLo kiTTyPhotobucket jewelry cell phone sticker.
From Strapya World.

Among the many many designs,i chose this.In my opinion,i think this looks cuter,nicer,pinker,lover & many more.Even the casing of the stickers is nice too.

After i had done to my victim.How?Isn't it cute?Fit nicely.
i think i have talent too in decorationPhotobucket.If you are interested,just search with the words,Strapya World.


otata said...

wow your phone so cute jor O_________O
but that stickers covering the camera lens right?

I'm planning to but LG Lollipop 2 next year.. LOL
Pink colour very nice o

s u e ty i said...

hehe~~no cover the camera lens coz the camera is at the front part.yup,i got see the LG lollipop,cute pink de,ok??hihi^^

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