Monday, February 22, 2010

SK-II & heLLo kiTTy??

Yesterday,i went back to Kuantan to visit my mummy & daddy.i miss them sOOOOooo much.Actually another reason is PhotobucketshoppingPhotobucket time,wanna go Parkson buy thisPhotobucket~

After having a communication with the SK-II salesgirl,i had chose to buy this set of RM676.Which consists of Facial Treatment Cleanser,Facial Treatment Essence,Facial Treatment UV Protection and the free gift is Skin Signature Cream,Skin Signature 3D Redefining Mask & Facial Treatment Clear Lotion.i had always wanted to buy SK-II skincare products.
Photobucket,one of my wishes become true,i am definitely happyPhotobucket & excitedPhotobucket.My parents were there too.You know what?My mummy also buy a set for her ownself.Hers is the anti-ageing set which costs RM788.That's called woman.No matter you are in which age range,if you are a woman,then you sure care most for beauty.If i had crystal clear skin after using SK-II,i will let you know.

After that oO..i found something at the corner.She.Photobucket...Sure i my hubby will bought her back Photobucket.

Photobucketpencil case,RM 49.90.Cute with big head.

Another Photobucketpencil case too.With big red PhotobucketribbonPhotobucket.
Photobucketi like the big 3D ribbon the most.Photobucket
This costs RM 49.90 too.Another RM 49.90 flew away.If you guys or gals out there interested,you can go to Parkson.Grab yours.

This is the back of the pencil case.

Inside of it.OwhPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketmade of high quality nehPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
My daughters shopping time too.They bought Barbie sling bag.RM 39.90 each.PhotobucketCuteyPhotobucket
Have to back to work lol after spending so much in a day.Earn money again to spend againPhotobucket.


Miss Maikitty said...

yuh ., cute that pencil case ..saw it at parkson :D ...ngee ....

Joselyn said...

hi suet yi, i can't help but answer your question on your blog :)

Please use the FT Essence first then only use the mask.. Put the mask on for 10-15 minutes and removed. Do not rinse with water. Just apply Skin Signature and you're done :)

Additional tips: Do the mask before sleeping time for best result.

s u e ty i said...

@maikitty,u bought that pencil case too??hehe~~so cute hor...

@Joselyn,Thanks for the info oO...really useful at the time.

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