Sunday, February 7, 2010

heLLo kiTTy paper soap.

Found this tooPhotobucketPhotobucket face pink case with paper soap includedPhotobucketbesides that unique Photobucketcar shape handbag.It had been a long time i had this,i can only remember.My shops got sold this.But,a long time ago.It is now out of stock jor...!

PhotobucketPlease do not mind the messy backgroundPhotobucket.
PhotobucketWhat is the function of these paper soap?You can use it to wash your PhotobuckethandsPhotobucket.When the small pieces of paper in contact with water,and you just need to scrub them and there will be soap bubbles.HAH,you can now wash your hands.Really convenient to bring this when you are holidaying,outstation or eating outside.So,i will put this in my handbag LoL...
This is also the rewards for being diligentPhotobucket.

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