Friday, February 19, 2010

heLLo kiTTy candy tin

Hello,my friends.Each day passing and my angpaoPhotobucketred packetsPhotobucket getting less & less.Spend a lot on Photobucketstuff.On clothing.On every cute things i saw.Eiik,why i still got angpao as i already married?Suppose to give not receive.That's Chinese tradition.My daddy,mummy Photobucket father-in-law gave me dePhotobucket.

i bought this before Chinese New Year.
But,hadn't post it here.This is Photobucketcandy tin.i bought from a blog shop.You want?Click .
But,i do not want to use it.i am afraid i will scratch or it will becomes dirty if i use it.So,will put it in my pink display rack.Maybe can use it to put candy?!haha~~Photobucket

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