Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentine's SpeciaL~~ what i can say now,on this very minute.That day,i really couldn't sleep well,eat well.In my mind,all is the cute pink organizer with big ribbon.i was so touched this morning,when someone brought the organizer back to me.It was a surprise from my hubby.A Valentine's Day surprise Photobucket.

This costs RM200 somethingPhotobucketselling pricePhotobucketPhotobucket
Hubby said i am so scary,a book costs so much also don't care.So crazy about it.
Therefore he bought it for me lol...
What makes me crazy towards this pink organizer is the big PhotobucketribbonPhotobucket at the cover.And also pink pink colour ar...

It has a soft pink bead acting as the lock.
The pink fur as the cover is made of soft quality which in my opinion,is Photobucketok bah with its price.The pink organizer originated from Korea.Not i boast but inside also got some writtings,Made In Korea.

In fact,the inside of the pink organizer is papers with Korean animation.Photobucketcute animation,i like thatPhotobucket.But,as i already had Photobucket2010 datebook,so i decided to take out the organizer and replace with my Photobucketdatebook in it.That one will keep till next year.

Fit right??i like this cute pink organizer soooOOOOooooo much...till i can't describe with words!Many many thanks to my hubby,ChaiPhotobucket.He is really a perfect hubby while i am a bad bad wife.i am not boasting or showing off.But,i felt lucky to have him as my halfPhotobucket.
He never scold me,never speak with me with high-end voice,never critic me,never ask me do this or that.
He lets me do whatever i enjoy,lets me buy whatever i like,lets me sleep all days long if i want,lets me be the most lucky woman.Gotta PhotobucketstopPhotobucket oO...if not,until tomorrow Photobucket the day after Photobucket after also can't finish oO..Photobucket.
Wanna told all of you,this actually is an auto-post.Today Valentine's mah...busy dating with my lao gong(hubby) lol...Photobucket

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