Saturday, November 21, 2009

heLLo kiTTy door mat

This is an auto-publish post which i had done yesterday.Today i will be busy at Kuantan.Busy HK cleaningtidying new stocks and also will steal a little bit of Photobucket time to make myself busyPhotobucket Photobucketshopping(Photobucket shopping).
Or maybe have a nice movie at Photobucketcinema.hehePhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket
That's why,i will not be around my laptop.Sorry if i am late in replying emails.

This is my favourite bathroom kitchen door mat.i had 2 of the same kind.i put this at my bedroom's bathroom while the other at my front doorto my living room.Actually,the picture is Photobucketsnapped after several washes of the door mat.But,still looks nice and good.Therefore,cheaper goodies not neccessarily is of low quality.For me,i will buy it with the only criteria i consider is it must looks like Photobucket.

My Photobucket Photobucket kitchen bathroom door mat.Even though it is in rectangular shape and not the shape of Photobucket head,but i like its designPhotobucket With strawberries and most important in pink colourPhotobucket For this,i put it at my kitchen.Not me,even my daughters are not willing to step on it.It's too cute,till they do not want to step on it.Luckily,it is washable.
i am sleepy.So,see you on Sunday or maybe lazy MondayPhotobucketPhotobucketNite nite...

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