Monday, November 23, 2009

heLLo kiTTy hanger

After 2 whole days without sitting in front of my sweet Photobucketlaptop,i felt a bit uneasy.Maybe because unconsciously i had get along with the life of computer-ing.(eleh...Photobucket)Online-ing had actually became part of my life.Part of my everyday's work.i think i am addicted to Photobucket.A bit late to do my posting,as busy checking emails(Wow,lotsa Photobucketorders for Photobucket stuff).Then,accompany my hubby in Photobucketfetching my daughter to her piano class.

This is a Photobucket hanger.
Multi-purpose hanger you can named it..PhotobucketIt came with a suction cup,which you can stick the Photobucket hanger to smooth surface.i stick it to my bathroom.Nothing to hang,actuallyPhotobucketAt Photobucket head,there is a hole for you to put anything,your toothbrush or whatever you like to.So,i decide to put my brush(use when cleaning face).
i wanna inform at here that some of my Photobucket goodies,you can purchase them at my shop,bubbles.Sold online tooPhotobucket But,for the other some of my Photobucket goodies which is quite expensive and rare,i bought it at ebay.As there is some customers who,maybe got visit here,my blog,went to my shop and wanna purchase Photobucket stuff that i have uploadPhotobucket the picture here.
(haha...That's my worker told mePhotobucket)
So sorry,i really haven't find the suitable supplier who can give a reasonable price.Besides,some Photobucket items,i do not have any idea where the suppliers are.

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