Sunday, November 15, 2009

2 liTTle princess..


From left:~ Jaychelle,Daychelle.
Today my hubby & i Photobucketwent to my daughters' Montessori School Annual Concert & Graduation Day.My daughters haven't graduate yet as they are both 5 and 4 years old only.But,they are participating in dancing show with their classmates.

Photobucket is presented by my younger daughter,Jaychelle in
Mickey Mouse March which is the song name.Can you spot Jaychelle??She is between 2 little boys.
Daychelle in Stupid Cupid(the song name).Sorry as quite noisy!!
Actually it is quite easy to spot my 2 daughters.They are the most active dancer in the show.


Qshopaholic said...

so cute ur daughters!Both also.

s u e ty i said...

hehe..thanks Oo..they are my heart,my everything..!

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