Friday, November 27, 2009

heLLo kiTTy shOes

i am most afraid of holidaysPhotobucketOthers like holidays but not mePhotobucketAs traffic jam and have to take care of my shopPhotobucketRaya Haji,my Malay workers want holidaysPhotobucketIt's ok,i give them permission because they seldom take leavePhotobucketSo,let them Photobuckethappy happy lahPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucket

Yesterday quite busy at my shop,so no bloggingPhotobucketToday's item is Photobucket shoesPhotobucketi likePhotobucket wearing this kind of shoes.PhotobucketComfy comfyPhotobucket.It has pink Photobucketribbon and some white net decorated under the ribbonPhotobucketCutePhotobucket

The back of thePhotobucket shoes is also decorated with some net,lace,Photobucket and a white bead which add all together equal to a cute kawaii Photobucket shoes.Will others said Photobucket looks like a kid wearing this kind of Photobucketshoes??! Actually,i won't care and can't care much about what they are going to say.i think what matter is we feel happy and satisfied with what we are doingPhotobucket
In my opinion,it is better to be ourself rather than wearing a mask.

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