Tuesday, November 10, 2009

nicely cutely accessories

Besides my crazy obssession towards Photobucket,i like collecting cute girly Photobucketaccessories too.Today, Photobucketwants to holiday oO...After so many continuous days posting her,she is tiredPhotobucket

Can you guess what is the above Photobucket item?Something looks like a pretty ladyPhotobucket.It is a tweezer which is printed with a pretty lady image.

These 2 items,i think the left hand-side,is not unusual to you all.It is a roller-massager,which use it to massage our face.It is a 3 roller that massage both side of your face and at the same time your chin too.Recommended to massage about 10 minutes everyday for a healthy,younger and smooth skin.The other is a Photobucket product.Use to scrub away the dirt or dead skin cells on your face,preferably your nose.
Sample sample Photobucket.
i am using the item.
i seldom snapPhotobucket picture when i am wearing spectackles or when i am wearing my sleeping gown or when i am a bit messy at Photobuckethome.But,think back,everyone has this moment too,right??Photobucket
Actually,maybe this is the moment that we all look the most natural,the real usPhotobucketPhotobucket

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