Monday, November 30, 2009

heLLo kiTTy figures figurines set

Photobucket Hi.Today Tonight, i can't sleep.Normally,around this time,i feel sleepy.Maybe too tired?? So,still remember the info i share with you all yesterday?My hubby rent the shop at Mentakab.i am so happy happy.(Actually,i am happy everyday as i am a happy-go-lucky type of person lah...) Photobucketeleh..The shop will be open at January 2010.Ok,stop the crap,Suet YiPhotobucket

i like collecting Photobucket stuff,no need to tell that,ok?All my friends knew about this.Especially figures figurines.These is actually Photobucket keychains which i took out the chains from them.i like to put them at my Photobucket display rack as figures figurines.The picture above i edit with purpose so that looks old and classic.Which i like the most??
The Photobucket in the Photobucket.So cutey neh..And also the Photobucket with a big pink hairband.And the Photobucket sitting on a green bench too(but,why the suppliers wanna make the bench green in colour??)The Photobucket sitting,biting a finger is cutey too.Aiya..i am saying all cutey dy.Photobucket,wanna sleepPhotobucket

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