Monday, November 9, 2009

decal signboard

Today i wanna share something very simple,not so rare Photobucket goodies with you all.Last month,if i am not wrong,my sister bought me Photobucket car decal sticker,right??So,i had stick it behind my Photobucket car.i promise to upload the pic for you all to enjoy...

i had bought took 2 Photobucket car decal mini signboards,and suck them at my Photobucket car's back screen.1 is in Chinese word,which means," Don't kiss me,i am scared".(Actually i also do not know what i says.My hubby translate.As some of you who don't know,i went to Malay primary school,so,do not know how to read Chinese,but speak only.)
The other 1 is in English,"No kiss". Not kiss me means no kissing my Photobucketcar. Really suitable as there are PhotobucketDear Daniel in it too.Represent me & my hubby!! haha!!

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