Thursday, November 19, 2009

heLLo kiTTy radiO


Another from my brother-in-law.Photobucket radio.

i Photobucketlike Photobucket in pink blouse with a white PhotobucketflowerPhotobucketIt is the same with my Photobucket USB speaker but that is a pairPhotobucketBehind the Photobucket head,there is an antennaPhotobucketEvery radio has antenna tooPhotobucketPhotobucketPhotobucketWithout it,line connection is weakPhotobucket

At the Photobucketribbon side os the on/off button and volume is adjustable there tooPhotobucketSo,function is same with the normal radioPhotobucket i Photobuckettry yesterday and quite clear for the soundPhotobucketLoud too!!
Yesterday,Photobucketenjoying with my Photobucket goodies till i forgot to do my usual PhotobucketworksPhotobucketPhotobucket i like to watch my Photobucket collections.By watching them,i feel happy and content.

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