Wednesday, November 18, 2009

heLLo kiTTy massage stick


This is 1 of thePhotobucket little souvenirPhotobucket from my brother-in-law(my hubby's brother) who just back from Photobucketother country.It is a Photobucketmassage stick which is battery-operated.
HappilyPhotobucket am i today when i received this.
i always Photobucketwake up in the morning,feeling ache and pain at the back of my neck.Maybe it is caused by my bad sleeping posture.My Photobuckethubby is the one who suffer as i will ask him to massage me. Almost Everyday,i felt the ache & pain.Therefore,this time my Photobuckethubby is free from my nagging. i can use this Photobucketmassage stick.But maybe,he isn't free yet.i will ask him to massage for me..(So bad oO..) i can't imagine my life without my hubby by my side.i had been marriedPhotobucket to him for more than 5 years without he ever not by my side.Sometimes,i wish i will die earlier than him when we are old folks.(kind of selfish,isn't it??)

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