Friday, November 6, 2009

Back To SchooL..


School holidays is around the corner.Really blUr blUr for my today's topic,back to schoolPhotobucket i wanna share about my stationery which consists of mostly pens and pencils.
Photobucket is a set ofPhotobucket pen+ mechanical pencil+ pencil lead.
Even the packaging is cute withPhotobucket images.

These 2 are Photobucket pens.i take the red too as i really can't resist.The red colour pen also looks cute,looks realPhotobucketPhotobucket The pink Photobucket pen is of animal theme,with Photobucket sitting on an Photobucketelephant,and also rabbit and ziraffe.The red pen is of Photobucket apples theme.

These are my collections of Photobucket stationery which i snap only pens & pencils.Sometimes,wish that i am still schooling.Nowadays,lots of cutey stuff for kids.Back to the past,where got so many cute things??Therefore,so lucky for nowadays kids.(My 2 daughters lucky tooPhotobucket)

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